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School Visits

Meet the Dream Keepers!

The Dream Keepers Hard Work and Happy Thoughts

Author and Illustrator Visit with April Hartmann

Teaching Growth Mindset

Author and illustrator, April Hartmann is now offering school visits to present her new children's book, along with an interactive art demo. The Dream Keepers is a story about what it takes to make a dream come true, and the school presentation will help kids develop strategies for achieving any goal. It's motivational, educational and teaches a growth mindset with two main characters, Happy Thoughts and Hard Work. Grades K-5 will all be entertained and inspired. Yes, your big kids will especially enjoy this useful and energetic experience! Imagining their very own Dream Keepers will build habits for positive self-talk and self-discipline, essential for success throughout life. Please fill out the contact form below to inquire about rates and schedule your visit. 

Teaching Growth Mindset author and illustrator school presentation

Kids will:

  • Learn about Character, Action, and Setting.

  • Take part in the illustration process.

  • See growth mindset in action as I "struggle" with our interactive art demo and rely on The Dream Keepers volunteers to help me out.

  • Apply Happy Thoughts and Hard Work to their own goals and build habits for persistence and positivity.

Group sizes:

  • Classroom/library - up to 60 students

  • Auditorium/Gym - up to 300 students

Thanks! Message sent.

*Dream BIG. Set Goals. Take Action*

Author illustrator April Hartmann school presentation

View the Trailer!

Happt Thoughts and Hard Work
April Hartmann Author Illustrator visit

Art Demonstration

I had the best time at Trinity South Elementary, presenting my book "The Dream Keepers" and an interactive art demo. My presentation calls for some help from the book characters “Happy Thoughts” and “Hard Work”, with students volunteering to play those roles during the art demonstration. My helpers were so fun and all the kids contributed with great ideas and enthusiasm. My goal is to inspire a growth mindset in the students, but I also find the kids' enthusiasm is so inspiring to me! Yay for author visits!

*Photos shared with permissions. 😊 Thanks, kids! You were a fantastic group and helped me so much with our drawing!*

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